Riko Riko – the world’s largest sea cave

For many years it was believed that Sea Lion Cave in Oregon in the USA was the world’s largest sea cave. Little did we know, just off the coast of Whangarei, in New Zealand, was a cave over twice that size!

Riko Riko has been here for thousands of years but it was only in 2003 that accurate surveying was completed and it was officially declared the world’s largest sea cave by volume.

In 2003, accurate surveying measured Riko Riko sea cave at over 221,000 cubic metres. That means over 1,000 average sized houses could fit inside it!!

Riko Riko, which is Māori for “twilight,” was formed by volcanic activity that took place 10 million years ago. One of the volcano’s eruptions formed a giant gas bubble that became Riko Riko Cave – that’s one big bubble!!

For the record, Riko Riko is:

  • 130 metres long
  • 26 metres deep
  • 35 metres high from sea level to the ceiling, and
  • and 80 metres wide.

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